№12 (186) / 2009

V. M. Polonskii
O.A. Kislyak
Possibilities Of Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone System In Patients Of High Cardiovascular Risk
P.S. Laguta
Acetylsalicylic Acid In The Treatment And Prophylaxis Of Cardio-vascular Diseases: Issues Of Efficacy And Safety
E.I. Baranova
Arterial Hypertension In Post-menopause: Pathogenesis And Approaches To Therapy
I.V. Glinkina
Sulphonylurea Derivatives In The Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus At Current Stage
A.E. Karateev
Ketorolac: Balance Of Efficacy And Safety
L.P. Djarkova
Azithromycin In The Treatment Of Out-patient Lower Respiratory Infections
I.E. Chazova, T.V. Martinjuk
Drug Therapy Of Patients With Pulmonary Hypertension: View On The Future
O.N. Korneeva
Place Of Lisinopril In The Therapy Of Cardio-vascular Complications In Patients With Metabolic Syndrome
O.O. Matvienko, I.D. Konosova, T.V. Martinjuk
Use Of Nitric Oxide In Patients With Pulmonary Hypertension
A.S. Kondratjev
Clinico-pharmacological Aspects Of Ambroxol Use In The Treatment Of Respiratory Tract Diseases
A.A. Zaitsev
Analysis Of Combined Drugs For The Treatment Of Arvi
V.I. Shmirev, A.S. Vasiljev, S.P. Morozov
Possibilities Of Conservative Management Of Patients With Vertebra-basilar Insufficiency At Out-patient Stage
T.G. Voznesenskaya
Eating Behavior Disorders In Obesity And Their Correction
A.N. Gracianskaja
Milgamma And Milgamma-compositum In The Treatment Of Polyneuropathies
I.V. Rjabokon
Hypertensive Encephalopathy: Problems Of Diagnostics And Treatment
S.I. Ovcharenko, E.A. Son, I.R. Bukia, Sh.Z. Zambachidze, L.S. Kamshilina
Evaluation Of Efficacy And Safety Of The First Inhibitor Of If-receptors Ivabradin (coraxan) Use In The Patient Suffering Ischemic Heart Disease And Broncho-obstructive Syndrome
D.A. Zateischikov, E.G. Volkova, I.O. Guz, M.A. Evdokimova, O.Yu. Aseicheva, A.S. Galyavich, S.N. Tereschenko, N.A. Kaziolova, M.G. Glezer, A.V. Jagoda, L.I. Katelnitskaya, S.V. Schlick, E.V. Chorolets, O.P. Donetskaya, O.S. Chumakova, V.B. Zakirova, E.C. Krasilnikova, N.A. Djaiani, N.D. Selezneva, V.S. Osmolovskaya, E.V. Akatova, I.V. Timofeeva, O.I. Boeva, M.P. Margarjan, V.O. Konstantinov, N.B. Timofeeva, T.N. Baklanova, N.E. Reznichenko, E.Yu. Panfilova, B.A. Sidorenko
Treatment Of Patients Underwent Acute Coronary Syndrome According To The Data Of Russian Multicentral Prospective Observational Study
M.V. Leonova, D.Ju. Belousov, L.L. Shteinberg, A.A. Galitskiy, Yu.B. Belousov, analytic group of PIFAGOR study
Analysis Of Physicians’ Practice Of Antihypertensive Therapy Conduction In Russia (according To The Data Of Pifagor Iii Study)
A.A. Kirichenko, I.M. Novikova
Influence Of Antihypertensive Drug Combinations With Hydrochlorothiazides On The Level Of Urinary Acid In Patients With Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia
A.G. Nemkov, A.A. Vitik, A.V. Kuzmin, P.B. Gvozdev
Dynamics Of The Facial Nerve Function Restoration In Patients With Acute Cerebrocranial Trauma

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