Analysis Of Combined Drugs For The Treatment Of Arvi

A.A. Zaitsev

Analysis of combined drugs for the treatment of ARVI
We present the analysis of combined (multisymptomic) drugs used in ARVI treatment and presented in Russia market. The main requirement for multisymptomic drug is the presence of no more than three active ingredients from different pharmacological groups and not more than one active substance from each pharmacological group. Moreover, each active ingredient must be present in an effective and safe concentration. The structure of the majority combined drugs used in ARVI treatment includes: analgesic - antipyretic, systemic decongestant (often in combination with antihistamine) and the pathogenic agent (ascorbic acid usually). It is emphasized that possibility to combine causal treatment and symptomatic and pathogenetic action is succeeded in coformulated drug Antigrippin-Maximum whose formula contains antivirus component - rimantadine.

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