Possibilities Of Conservative Management Of Patients With Vertebra-basilar Insufficiency At Out-patient Stage

V.I. Shmirev, A.S. Vasiljev, S.P. Morozov

Possibilities of conservative management of patients with vertebra-basilar insufficiency at out-patient stage
The paper discusses the problem of management of patient with vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI) in outpatient stage. The data for etiology and pathogenesis of circulatory disorders in the vertebral-basilar circulation, principles of diagnosis and VBN clinical symptoms are presented. The conservative approach to treatment of such patients include non-medicated (using the Shance splint, manual correction of biomechanical dysfunction in cases with no contraindications) as well as medicated (antiplatelet, nootropic and vascular therapy, statin use) therapies. Adequate pathogenetic-based pharmacotherapy makes it possible to achieve desired clinical effect with minimization of side effects and pharmacological stress on the patient.

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