The journal "Pharmateca" publishes review articles and clinical recommendations on topical issues of pharmacotherapy, information about new medicines (drugs), and technologies, and the original research on the clinical use of drugs.

Articles and other materials should be handed over to the editorial board in manuscript form (2 copies) and on diskettes, as well as on e-mail (, – please, send the finished article to both addresses). The text should be printed in 1 interval on A4 paper (212 x 297 mm), with margins of at least 25 mm.

Manuscript execution : title, authors, abstract (the main content of the article) and key words in English and Russian languages; text, references, tables, figure captions (figures on separate sheets or in individual files).

Photos of the tables are not accepted. Tables should be numbered consecutively. Each table should have a brief title. Explanations of the tables should be given in the footnotes.

Figures should be performed professionally or in the form of sharp photos. They should explain all of the symbols used to designate the parts of figure.

The references in the text, tables, and figure legends should be numbered in order of appearance with Arabic numerals in square brackets.

Example of references:

  • Razzi S., Luisi S., Ferretti C., Calonaci F., Gabbanini M., Mazzini M., Petraglia F. Use of a progestogen only preparation containing desogestrel in the treatment of recurrent pelvic pain after conservative surgery for endometriosis. Eur. J. Obstet. Gynecol. Reprod. Biol. 2007;135(2):188–90.
  • Karpov J., Panchenko E., Komarov A. Dusodril V.S. Dusodril V.S. pentoxiphyllin in patient with peripheral arterial occlusive disease. I7th World Congress of the International Union of angiology. Abstract Book. London, 1995. 316 p.

Information about all the authors of articles - full name, institution, occupation, telephone and e-mail - should be provided.

Only international drug names should be used in all publications. Exceptions: combined drugs, polycomponent drugs, drugs based on medicinal plants or animal derived products.

Abbreviations of journals should be consistent with IndexMedicus. All abbreviations (except units) are used only after mention of complete term.

The paper should not exceed 3/4 of the author’s sheet (30 thousands of characters).

  • The editorial board of "Pharmateca" makes decisions about the publications of material sent in journal
  • Editorial board doesn’t return manuscripts received.

Payment for publication of manuscripts will not be charged from postgraduate students.

Don’t send articles previously published or sent to another journal or a collection.

Articles not meeting these requirements will be returned to the authors without review.

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