The “Pharmateca” journal publishes review articles and clinical recommendations on topical issues of pharmacotherapy, information on new drugs and technologies, notes from practice, original studies on the clinical use of drugs.

Articles and other materials should be sent to the editorial office by e-mail:

Articles printed in standard font 14 with 1.5 line-spacing are accepted to examination; figures should be provided separately. The article should contain the official referral of the institution in which the work was carried out. Visa and the signature of the research supervisor, certified by the round seal of the institution should be on the first page of article; on the last page - the signatures of all authors, confirming the right of publication of the article in a journal and posting on the publisher’s website

The article should include:

  1. article title;
  2. names and initials of the authors (in two languages), ORCID / Scopus ID of all authors;
  3. affiliation – the full name of the institution and division (department, laboratory) in which the work was performed;
  4. information about the corresponding author: full name, academic degree, position, place of work (including the postal address of the institution), contacts (e-mail, phone).
  5. abstract and key words (in Russian and in English).
  6. figures and tables (at the discretion of the author).
  7. reference list.

At the end of the article, information about the conflict of interest and the source of funding should be disclosed.


The abstract should be no more than 200-250 words long. Also, it should include "key words" (from 3 to 10 words), contributing to article indexing in data retrieval systems.

For original articles, a structured abstract is required (background, objective, methods, results, conclusion).


The size of the original article should be about 7–8 pages, for brief communication and notes from the practice - 3-4 pages. Reviews should not exceed 12 pages. For various types of articles, there are corresponding templates for design and structuring presented on the publisher’s website in Russian and English languages.

Tables. Each table should have a title and an order number according to its reference in the text. References to tables in text should be given in italics parenthetically (Table 1). Columns in the table should have short headings. All explanations, including interpretation of abbreviations, should be placed in footnotes. If the table is taken from the Internet or a PDF file, it is necessary to type it manually (tables in the form of photos are not accepted). Borrowed tables should have source reference.

Illustrations. The figure file format should be tiff or jpeg, file extension - from 300 dpi, size - from 1 MB. The numbering of the figures should be given in Arabic numerals in parentheses according to the order in which they are mentioned in the text. The figure caption should be consisted of the title and “legend” (explanations of parts of the figure, symbols, arrows and its other details in Russian). Graphs and charts should not contain text label overload. Figures in the form of graphs, diagrams must be supplemented with digital data in the form of Excel spreadsheet, because in accordance with the technology of preparing the layout of the journal for printing, such figures are painted again by the artist of the publishing house, and not simply copied. When using borrowed figures, citation is required; if figure is borrowed from a foreign publication, Russian translation of all designations in the figure and an indication ... is adapted to [source number cited in the reference list] are required.

Reference list. Sources are listed strictly in the order of citation (references to them in the text), in Arabic numerals in square brackets. For Russian-speaking sources, transliteration should be provided (the authors and the journal title - transliteration, the title of the article/book - an English translation). As required by international databases, at the end of the literature reference, English-speaking and Russian-speaking (where available), it is necessary to affix a digital object identifier - the DOI index - to increase the relevance and citation of scientific works.

Examples of reference list:


1. Постнов Ю.В., Орлов С.Н. Первичная артериальная гипертензия как патология клеточных мембран. М., 1987. [Postnov Yu.V., Orlov S.N. Primary hypertension as a pathology of cell membranes. Moscow, 1987. (In Russ.)].

2. Levey A.S. Clinical evaluation of renal function. In Greenberg A. (ed.) Primer on kidney disease. San Diego (California): Academic Press, 1998. P. 20–27.


1. Вербовая Н.И., Капралова И.Ю., Вербовой А.Ф. Содержание остеопротегерина и адипокинов при гипотиреозе у женщин. Врач. 2014;8:66–8. [Verbovaya N.I., Kapralova I.Yu., Verbovoj A.F. The content of osteoproteins and adipokines in hypothyroidism in women. Vrach. 2014; 8: 66–8. (In Russ.)].

2. Peralta C.A., Shlipak, M.G., Wasser-Fyr, C., et al. Association of antihypertensive therapy and diastolic hypotension in chronic kidney disease. Hypertension. 2007; 50: 474–80. DOI: 10.1161 / HYPERTENSIONAHA.107.088088

In all publications, only international medicinal product names should be used. The exceptions include: combined and multicomponent drugs, drugs delivered from medicinal plants or products of animal origin.

All abbreviations (with the exception of units of measurement) are used only after mentioning the full term. Articles should use the SI international system of units.

Journal title abbreviations should be consistent with Index Medicus.

The size of articles should not exceed 3/4 of the author's sheet (30 thousand characters).

The editorial board reserves the right to shorten and edit articles. Articles previously published or sent to another journal are not accepted for publication. Articles that do not meet these requirements may be returned to authors without examination.

“Pharmateca” editorial board takes the decision to publish the materials submitted to the journal.

The editors do not return the received manuscripts.

Postgraduate students are not charged with a fee for publication of manuscripts.

The editorial staff also helps in the preparation and publication of books and guidance manuals.

For any questions, please contact the editor: tel. 8 (909) 150-02-82; e-mail:

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