№10 (184) / 2009

N.A. Agafonova, E.P. Jakovenko, A.S. Pryanishnikova, A.V. kazarina, A.V. Jakovenko, A.N. Ivanov, R.S. Nazarbekova, Yu.V. Grigoryeva С. 3642
Potential For Prokinetics Use In Gastroenterological Practice
L.V. Romasenko, A.F. Kuzmichev С. 4346
Current Possibilities Of Anxiety Disorders Therapy In General Practice
G.M. Dukova С. 4752
Hysteria In The Therapeutic Practice
V. M. Polonskii
D.A. Zateishikov C. 1014
New Targets Of Treatment Of Patient From The Risk Group For Vascular Complications Of Atherosclerosis
O.A. Maneshina, Yu.B. Belousov С. 1519
Nonselective Beta-adrenoblocker Carvedilol With Vasodilating Properties In The Therapy Of Cardiovascular Diseases
MM. Tanasjn, M.A. Domashenko С. 2027
Current Principles Of Management Of Patients Experienced Acute Cerebral Circulation Disorder At Out-patient Stage
I.A. Ilovayskaya С. 2531
Cardiologic Complications Of Acromegaly
V.V. Dengin С. 3236
New Directions Of Drugs Milgamma And Milgamma Compositum Use In The Diabetes Mellitus
I.V. Kozlova, Yu.N. Myalina С. 5458
Evaluation Of Rifaximin Efficacy In Complicated Course Of Intestinal Diverticular Disease
N.V. Zaitseva, A.I. Aminova, A.A. Akatova, E. Yu. Minchenko С. 5962
Peculiarities Of Eradication Therapy Of Chronic Helicobacter Pylori – Associated Gastroduodenitis In Children Living In Ecologically Unfavorable Conditions
O.A. Gromova, A.Yu. Volkov, P.B. Glagovskyi, T.R. Grishina, N.Yu. Jidomorov, A.G. Kalacheva, I.S. Mamedov, O.A. Nazarenko, A.V. Ssadin, T.E. Satarina, I.Yu. Torshin С. 6368
Dynamics Of Magnesium Blood Concentrations After Taking Different Magnesium-containing Drugs
T.G. Voznesenskaya С. 7075
Neurotic Depression In General Practice: Position Of Neurologist
A.L. Vertkin, O.V. Zaratjants, E.I. Vovk С. 7679
Clinico-morphological Comparisons As Integral Part Of Medical Mastery

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