New Targets Of Treatment Of Patient From The Risk Group For Vascular Complications Of Atherosclerosis

D.A. Zateishikov C. 1014

New targets of treatment of patient from the risk group for vascular complications of atherosclerosis
Based on the results of recent studies of statins (JUPITER, etc.) discussed the potential positive therapeutic effects (anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic) of this group medicine that could be grounds for revision of guidance for their use. Emphasized the importance of the statins impact on C-reactive protein (CRP), given the fact that the latter is an active participant in atherothrombosis. We showed that the relatively healthy people with high CRP levels treated with active statin, had not only myocardial infarction or stroke risk reduction, but also frequency reduction of thromboembolic complications and death from cancer. The author believes that the statins administration in the normalization of CRP should be another factor tracked during treatment, in addition to the level of low density lipoprotein.

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