Evaluation Of Rifaximin Efficacy In Complicated Course Of Intestinal Diverticular Disease

I.V. Kozlova, Yu.N. Myalina С. 5458

Evaluation of rifaximin efficacy in complicated course of intestinal diverticular disease
The results of the study that included 17 patients with diverticular disease (DD) complicated by diverticulitis, treated with rifaksimin in combination with symptomatic therapy are presented. Patients received antibiotic therapy in hospital within 10 days, and then patients were encouraged to continue to receive rifaksimin for 7 days within 3 months in the outpatient setting. Control group consisted of 16 patients with diverticulitis treated with ciprofloxacin for a similar regimen in conjunction with symptomatic therapy. Dynamic assessment results in 3 months later confirmed sufficient rifaksimin efficacy in patients with DD complicated by diverticulitis. Patients treated with rifaksimin had decrease frequency of abdominal pain on a background of moderate intestinal dysfunction. Rifaksimin therapy was accompanied by a reduction of inflammatory changes in the intestinal mucosa, colon microecology improvment. We observed positive dynamics in the number of mast cells as a marker of abatement of acute inflammation in the rifaksimin group. Thus, the study showed a high therapeutic efficacy of selective intestinal antibiotic in patients with diverticulitis.

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