Peculiarities Of Eradication Therapy Of Chronic Helicobacter Pylori – Associated Gastroduodenitis In Children Living In Ecologically Unfavorable Conditions

N.V. Zaitseva, A.I. Aminova, A.A. Akatova, E. Yu. Minchenko С. 5962

Peculiarities of eradication therapy of chronic Helicobacter pylori – associated gastroduodenitis in children living in ecologically unfavorable conditions
The results of the study of environmental influences and xenobial load on the features of the formation of a pathological process in 159 children with chronic Helicobacter pylori- associated gastroduodenitis and living in areas of large industrial settlements are presented. Based on these data, we formulated principles for choosing drug for eradication therapy and performed clinical evaluation of recommended treatment regimen. Enterofuril (nifuroxazide) in suspension in a daily dose of 800 mg in combination with eliminative action drugs was most effective and safety treatment.

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