Dynamics Of Magnesium Blood Concentrations After Taking Different Magnesium-containing Drugs

O.A. Gromova, A.Yu. Volkov, P.B. Glagovskyi, T.R. Grishina, N.Yu. Jidomorov, A.G. Kalacheva, I.S. Mamedov, O.A. Nazarenko, A.V. Ssadin, T.E. Satarina, I.Yu. Torshin С. 6368

Dynamics of magnesium blood concentrations after taking different magnesium-containing drugs
The results of a comparative study evaluated the intake of Magne B6 various forms (solution for drinking and tablets), which contains an organic salt of magnesium, and Berokka Plus, which contains inorganic salt of magnesium in 16 volunteers are presented. These data suggest that the Magne B6 statistically significantly raises levels of magnesium in plasma and erythrocytes, while the comparison drug are not lead to statistically significant differences in magnesium levels before and after use. Drug absorption dynamics in the intestine of various forms Magne B6 are different. Thus, liquid form of Magne B6 more effectively raises the levels of magnesium in plasma compared with the control within 2-3 hours. At the same time, Magne B6 in tablets contribute to a more prolonged retention of high concentrations of magnesium in red blood cells within 6-8 hours.

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