№2 (215) / 2011

V. V. Fomin
Maev I.V., Samsonov A.A., Golubev N.N., Kucheryavyi U.A., Belyavceva E.V., Korovina T.I., Barkalova E.V.
Helicobacter-associated Form Of Peptic Ulcer Of Stomach And Duodenum: Problems Of Therapy
Maev I.V., Samsonov A.A., Nikushkina I.N., Ivashkina N.U.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Relevance Of Problem And Issues Of Modern Therapy
Belousova E.A., Bulgakov S.A.
Medicinal Agents - Opiate Receptors Ligands And Their Use In Gastroenterology
Maev I.V., Kucheryavyi U.A., Oganesyan T.S.
Diagnosis And Treatment Of Non-variceal Hemorrhage From The Upper Gastrointestinal Tract: A View Of A General Practitioner
Maev I.V., Andreev N.G., Samsonov A.A., Belyavceva E.V.
Antacids As A Essential Component Of Modern Treatment Of Acid-related Digestive Disorders
Mihailova T.L., Makarchuk P.A., Golovenko O.V., Veselov A.V.
Treatment Of Ulcerative Colitis: Experience Of Use Of Methotrexate In Ssc Of Coloproctology
Severova M.M., Lopatkina T.N., Russkih A.V., Fomin V.V.
Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: Diagnosis And Treatment Based On Risk Factors
Stupin V.A., Siluyanov S.V., Afanasev V.V., Baglaenko M.V., Sabirov M.A., Smirnova G.O.
Features Of Conservative Therapy For Patients With Bleeding Ulcers Of The Stomach And Duodenum
Maev I.V., Sviridova A.V., Kucheryavyi U.A., Goncharenko A.U., Samsonov A.A., Oganesyan T.S., Ustinova N.N., Kazulin A.N., Troshina I.V., Moskaleva A.B.
Long-lasting Enzyme Replacement Therapy With Different Pancreatin Preparations In Patients With Chronic Pancreatitis And Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
Belousova E.A., Morozova N.A., Velikanov E.V., Gaganov L.E.
Infliximab In Ulcerative Colitis: Review Of Studies And Own Results
Maev I.V., Samsonov A.A., Golubev N.N., Nikushkina I.N., Ulyankina E.V., Shah U.S., Kucheryavyi U.A., Orlova U.V.
Efficiency Of Mebeverine In The Treatment Of Functional Disorders Of Biliary Tract
Demidov V.I., Nazarenko O.A., Egorova E.U., Torshin I.U., Grishina T.R., Gromova O.A.
Prohepar Effectiveness In Experimental Alcohol-indused And Paracetamol-induced Liver Damage: Biochemistry And Histology
Semenov F.V., Gorbonosov I.V., Vartanyan M.S.
Experience Of Use Of Itopride For The Treatment Of Ent-manifestations Of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

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