Efficiency Of Mebeverine In The Treatment Of Functional Disorders Of Biliary Tract

Maev I.V., Samsonov A.A., Golubev N.N., Nikushkina I.N., Ulyankina E.V., Shah U.S., Kucheryavyi U.A., Orlova U.V.

The study was aimed to evaluation of efficacy and tolerability of mebeverine (Duspatalin) which was used to relieve spastic pain syndrome in patients with functional disorders of biliary tract. After exclusion of organic pathology and other functional digestive diseases, the study enrolled 69 patients with functional disorders of biliary tract. Patients were divided into 2 groups: Group 1 - 31 patients with preserved gallbladder, and Group 2 - 38 patients previously had undergone cholecystectomy. Nature of the disorders of the motor function of the biliary tract was estimated by dynamic hepatobiliary scintigraphy. All patients have received mebeverine at a dose 200 mg twice a day, duration of therapy was 28 days. Against the background of treatment, significant positive changes in frequency and intensity of spastic biliary pain were registered in both groups. The efficacy of treatment was estimated as "very good" or "good" by most of the patients. Adverse events in patients receiving mebeverine were not observed.

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