№8 (241) / 2012

V. V. Fomin
L.Yu. Vladimirova 1, O.I. Kit1, E.A. Sholokhova 2
The Role Of The Histological And Molecular Analysis In The Choice Of Method For The Treatment Of Advanced Stage Lung Cancer
Current Therapy Of Non-hodgkins Lymphomas
E.S. Chuchuyev, K. E. Abirov, A.D. Gakhramanov, I. V.Sagaidak, Yu.I. Patyutko
Modern Approaches To The Treatment Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
A.N. Kazyulin, L.Z. Velsher, N.N. Danilevskaya, E. A.Mayevskaya
Drug-induced Hepatotoxicity During Chemotherapy For Oncological Diseases And Potentials For Its Correction
M.E. Abramov, A.D. Darenskaya
Treatment Of Neutropenia In Cancer Patients
M.E. Abramov
Anemia During Chemotherapy. The Ways For Correction
A. V. Strutynsky
Acute Abdomen: Diagnosis And Differential Diagnosis In Therapeutic Practice
T.Yu. Semiglazova 1, M.L. Gershanovich 1, D.Kh.Latipova 1, L.V. Filatova 1, V.A. Chubenko 1, V.V Semiglazov 2, D.E. Matsko 1, V.V. Klimenko 2
Efficiency Of Low-dose Gemcitabine In Combination With Cisplatin For The Treatment Of Disseminated Breast Cancer With The Progression After Application Of Anthracyclines, Taxanes And Capecitabine
D.L. Stroyakovsky 1, A.N. Makhson 1, L.V. Bolotina 2, V.A. Gorbunova 3, L.A. Koroleva 2, S.G. Bagrova 3, T.A. Borisova 3, A.L. Kornietskaya 2, R.A. Ivanov 4, K.D. Nikitin 4
Efficacy And Safety Of Weekly Use Of Paclitaxel In Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer: Results Of A Prospective Multicentre Clinical Trial
D.D. Sakayeva, R.I. Kunafina, E.V. Popova
Experience Of Use Of Trastuzumab In The Republic Of Bashkortostan
N.E. Kudashkin, M.G. Agafonova, A.G. Kotelnikov, Yu.I. Patyutko
Strategy For Radical Treatment Of Cancer Of Periampullar Localization, Complicated By Obstructive Jaundice
A.F. Chernousov, L.I. Ippolitov, S.P.Vetshev, I.V. Orlova, M.B. Saliba
The Role Of Timely Surgical Treatment Of Primary Hyperparathyroidism As An Independent Measure For The Prevention Of Specific Complications

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