Psoriasis, metabolic syndrome and COVID-19: a case report


I.S. Vladimirova

1) Dermatological and Venereological Dispensary № 10 – Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology, St. Petersburg, Russia; 2) St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
The COVID-19 pandemic that broke out in 2020 is still having a huge impact on dermatological practice. Patients suffering from moder- ate and severe forms of psoriasis, among which the majority require long-term immunosuppressive therapy, cause significant concern among dermatologists. It is now known that psoriasis may be a predisposing factor in the severe course of COVID-19, as systemic inflammation in psoriasis and comorbid conditions can cause the development of a cytokine storm and an increased risk factor for an unfavorable outcome. To date, the accumulated knowledge to determine the extent of the impact of COVID-19 on infected psoriasis patients receiving systemic treatment is insufficient. Practicing dermatologists are faced with the question of the possibility and safety of continuing systemic biological therapy in patients with psoriasis with comorbid pathology and COVID-19. The article presents the observation of a patient with severe plaque psoriasis, metabolic syndrome and COVID-19 who received systemic biological therapy.

About the Autors

Corresponding author: Irina S. Vladimirova, Cand. Sci. (Med.), Dermatovenereologist, Dermatovenerologic Dispensary № 10 – Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology, St. Petersburg, Russia;; ORCID:

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