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I.S. Vladimirova
Psoriasis, metabolic syndrome and COVID-19: a case report
№14 / 2022
N.O. Pereverzina, L.S. Kruglova, T.V. Korotaeva, A.M. Lila
Systematic review and meta-analysis: predictors of psoriatic arthritis
№14 / 2022
E.Yu. Evdokimov, Zh.B. Ponezheva, E.V. Svechnikova, B.M. Gruzdev, A.D. Meshkov, V.S. Pykhtina
The role of systemic inflammation in HIV-infected patients with moderate and severe psoriasis
№10 / 2022
E.V. Svechnikova, S.E. Zhufina
Clinical case: chronic skin fold candidiasis against the background of treatment with an interleukin-17A inhibitor in a patient with extensive severe psoriasis
№8 / 2022
E.Yu. Evdokimov, Zh.B. Ponezheva, E.V. Svechnikova, B.M. Gruzdev
Experience with the use of netakimab for the treatment of psoriasis in HIV-infected patients
№8 / 2022
A.A. Khryanin, A.V. Sokolovskaya, V.K. Bocharova
Psoriasis in the perianal area: clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis and therapy
№8 / 2022
M.A. Morzhanaeva (1), E.V. Svechnikova (1, 2), E.V. Shchepkina (3), A.I. Kuznetsov (4)
Application of the diabetes screening questionnaire in patients with psoriasis
№4 / 2022
L.S. Kruglova (1), A.A. Khotko (2), N.S. Rudneva (3)
Are the goals of psoriasis treatment achievable in real clinical practice?
№14 / 2021
L.S. Kruglova, N.O. Pereverzina
The effectiveness of early administration of interleukin-17 blockers in the treatment of axial lesions in psoriatic arthritis
№14 / 2021
E.V. Svechnikova (1, 2)
Review of clinical trials of the IL-23 inhibitor guselkumab. Experience of using genetically engineered biological therapy with guselkumab in a patient with severe arthropathic psoriasis
№8 / 2021
A.S. Zhukov (1), E.R. Zharun (1), M.A. Chaykina (1), V.R. Khairutdinov (1), A.V. Samtsov (1), M.Yu. Krasavin (2), A.V. Garabadzhiu (3)
Evaluation of the safety and tolerability of a topical serine protease inhibitor (Part 2)
№8 / 2021
A.S. Zhukov (1), E.R. Zharun (1), M.A. Chaykina (1), A.A. Chernyshova (2), V.R. Khairutdinov (1), A.V. Samtsov (1), A.V. Garabadzhiu (3)
Determination of the therapeutic efficacy of various concentrations of sivelestat on a laboratory model of psoriasis (Part 1)
№8 / 2021

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