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A.A. Martynov, A.V. Vlasova, O.S. Mishina, G.V. Lukyanova
Social characteristics of russian patients with psoriasis and arthropathic psoriasis
№13 / 2023
Sh.Kh.R. Sarsur, N.S. Rudneva
Results of comparison of the effectiveness of adalimumab and ixekizumab in the treatment of psoriasis
№13 / 2023
N.O. Pereverzina, L.S. Kruglova
Personalized approach to the treatment of patients with skin psoriasis and inflammatory back pain, taking into account comorbid pathology
№13 / 2023
S.F. Alyavi, A.B. Rakhmatov
Importance of the nitric oxide system in the development of psoriasis
№8 / 2023
I.S. Vladimirova
Psoriasis, metabolic syndrome and COVID-19: a case report
№14 / 2022
N.O. Pereverzina, L.S. Kruglova, T.V. Korotaeva, A.M. Lila
Systematic review and meta-analysis: predictors of psoriatic arthritis
№14 / 2022
E.Yu. Evdokimov, Zh.B. Ponezheva, E.V. Svechnikova, B.M. Gruzdev, A.D. Meshkov, V.S. Pykhtina
The role of systemic inflammation in HIV-infected patients with moderate and severe psoriasis
№10 / 2022
E.V. Svechnikova, S.E. Zhufina
Clinical case: chronic skin fold candidiasis against the background of treatment with an interleukin-17A inhibitor in a patient with extensive severe psoriasis
№8 / 2022
E.Yu. Evdokimov, Zh.B. Ponezheva, E.V. Svechnikova, B.M. Gruzdev
Experience with the use of netakimab for the treatment of psoriasis in HIV-infected patients
№8 / 2022
A.A. Khryanin, A.V. Sokolovskaya, V.K. Bocharova
Psoriasis in the perianal area: clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis and therapy
№8 / 2022
M.A. Morzhanaeva (1), E.V. Svechnikova (1, 2), E.V. Shchepkina (3), A.I. Kuznetsov (4)
Application of the diabetes screening questionnaire in patients with psoriasis
№4 / 2022
L.S. Kruglova (1), A.A. Khotko (2), N.S. Rudneva (3)
Are the goals of psoriasis treatment achievable in real clinical practice?
№14 / 2021

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