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Suprun O.E., Bagriy A.E., Mikhailichenko E.S., Andreeva E.A., Evtushenko A.A., Suprun E.V.
Cohort study of clinical and anamnestic characteristics of patients with a combination of type 2 diabetes mellitus and irritable bowel syndrome
№2 / 2024
Vorob’eva O.V.
Correction of cognitive impairment associated with age-dependent cerebral microangiopathy after COVID-19 using the combination drug vinpocetine+piracetam: clinical case report
№1 / 2024
Babanov S.A., Ostryakova N.A., Strizhakov L.A., Melentyev A.V., Lysova M.V.
Determinants of development, prediction and prevention of professional burnout in nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic
№1 / 2024
I.B. Zhurtova, A.M. Gubachikova, L.S. Aramisova, H.A. Abdul Moati, L.A. Anaeva
Metabolic effects of metformin in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and new coronavirus infection
№12 / 2023
A.V. Matveev, S.V. Glagolev, D.A. Sychev
Consumption of oral anticoagulants in hospitals of the Russian Federation: analysis of the dynamics of procurement data
№12 / 2023
T.N. Markova, A.A. Anchutina, M.S. Stas, M.M. Medzhidova
Features of compensation of carbohydrate metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus hospitalized with coronavirus infection
№12 / 2023
L.S. Aramisova, I.B. Zhurtova, A.M. Gubachikova
Diabetes mellitus and new coronavirus infection: a look into the past, conclusions on prevention and treatment tactics for the future
№12 / 2023
Yu.G. Belotserkovskaya, A.G. Romanovskikh, I.P. Smirnov
Problems of managing patients with COPD in the post-pandemic waves of COVID-19
№9/10 / 2023
V.V. Salukhov, B.V. Sagun
Key aspects of cardiovascular damage in COVID-19
№9/10 / 2023
E.I. Bugaeva, K.V. Zhmerenetsky, S.V. Dyachenko
On certain problems of diagnosis, treatment and prospects for the rehabilitation of patients with circulatory diseases after coronavirus infection COVID-19 (literature review)
№9/10 / 2023
A.Yu. Nikolaeva, O.A. Bitkina, I.V. Kosheleva, M.V. Presnyakova, K.N. Kontorshchikova, A.A. Dmitrieva, P.V. Peretyagin, A.A. Tsyganova
Postcovid alopecia: from the study of pathogenesis to the choice of therapy
№8 / 2023
O.V. Maksim, B.V. Romashevsky, N.Yu. Demyanenko
Features of the pathogenesis of thyroid diseases in COVID-19
№3 / 2023

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