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N.A. Kholodilova, K.N. Monakhov
Influence of taking a synbiotic during pregnancy on the development of atopic dermatitis in children
№8 / 2022
N.A. Kholodilova, A.S. Belyaeva
Polymorphic dermatosis of pregnant women: a modern view of the problem
№8 / 2022
N.Z. Mammaeva, I.B. Manukhin, K.A. Silaev
Modern features of the treatment of bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women
№6 / 2022
N.A. Gabitova, A.G. Kedrova, M.A. Zakharova, T.N. Belousova, O.N. Kucherova
Maternal sepsis: a new international definition - new opportunities to improve outcomes
№6 / 2022
D.A. Sychev (1), O.D. Ostroumova (1), M.S. Chernyaeva (2), A.P. Pereverzev (1), A.I. Kochetkov (1), T.M. Ostroumova (3), M.V. Klepikova (1), E.Yu. Ebzeeva (1), V.A. De (1)
Risk factors of drug-induced diseases. Part 1. Classification, non-modified risk factors
№11 / 2021
G.B. Dikke
Vitamin and mineral complex for pregnant women: modern formula
№6 / 2021
T.E. Belokrinitskaya (1), N.V. Artymuk (2), O.S. Filippov (3), N.I. Frolova (1)
New coronavirus infection COVID-19 in pregnant women: epidemiology, course, outcomes, prevention options
№6 / 2021
G.B. Dikke (1), N.I. Stuklov (2)
Latent iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women. Diagnostic and treatment algorithms
№6 / 2021
M.I. Dubrovskaya, E.I. Gryaznova, A.S. Botkina
The type of psychological component of the mother’s gestational dominant and the severity of functional gastrointestinal disorders in children of the first year of life: results of an online survey
№1 / 2021
T.N. Bebneva (1), G.B. Dikke (2), I.S. Galkina (3)
Expression of proliferation- and apoptosis-related genes in hpv-infected pregnant women
№11 / 2020
M.V. Gmoshinskaya, I.V. Aleshina
The system of preparing pregnant women for full and long lactation
№1 / 2020
A.V. Murashko, M.G. Sonich, I.Yu. Sulina, S.A. Timofeev, A.I. Ishchenko
Clinical example of management and delivery of a pregnant woman with HELLP syndrome
№6 / 2019

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