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Davidenko I.Yu., Volkova N.I., Degtyareva Yu.S.
Treatment options for different subtypes of gestational diabetes
№2 / 2024
N.I. Volkova, I.Yu. Davidenko, Yu.S. Degtyareva, V.V. Avrutskaya, Yu.A. Sorokina, V.N. Kovalenko
Biochemical markers of various subtypes of gestational diabetes
№12 / 2023
O.A. Pustotina
Polycystic ovary syndrome phenotypes
№4-5 / 2023
L.A. Ruyatkina, D.S. Ruyatkin, L.V. Shcherbakova
Age-dependent aspects of informativeness of surrogate indices of insulin resistance in the formation of menopausal metabolic syndrome
№3 / 2023
S.S. Apetov, V.V. Apetova
The role of menopausal hormone therapy in the prevention of type 2 diabetes melltus in postmenopausal women
№4 / 2022
N.V. Kazachenko (1), V.V. Platonov (1–3), M.E. Turkunova (3), Yu.L. Skorodok (3), E.Yu. Smirnova (4)
Progeroid syndrome caused by a defect in the WRN gene. Description of a clinical case in a teenager
№12 / 2021
N.I. Volkova, S.O. Panenko, A.O. Golubeva
Is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease a consequence of obesity and a predictor of diabetes?
№12 / 2021
A.F. Verbovoy, Yu.A. Dolgikh
Insulin resistance – a common enemy for endocrinologists and cardiologists
№12 / 2021
M.V. Gorbunova (1), S.L. Babak (1), V.S. Borovitsky (2), A.G. Malyavin (1)
Effect of long-term CPAR therapy on metabolic profile of patients with mild obstructive sleep apnea
№5 / 2021
E.V. Biryukova, I.V. Solovyova
Do we know everything about the possibilities of metformin in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus? Which of its combinations is the most studied, effective and available for the patient in the real practice of the endocrinologist?
№4 / 2019
N.S. Alekseeva (1), E.V. Beloborodova (2)
The effectiveness of therapeutic measures in metabolic syndrome and vitamin d deficiency
№4 / 2019
A.F. Verbovoy, Yu.A. Dolgikh, O.V. Kosareva, L.A. Sharonova, I.A. Tsanava
№5 / 2017

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