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T.A. Zelenina, A.B. Zemlianoi, V.V. Salukhov, D.D. Ismailov
Microcirculation disorders in diabetic patients
№3 / 2023
N.A. Korobkov, N.V. Bakulina, N.V. Borovik
Metabolic comorbidity of endometritis after caesarean section
№3 / 2023
O.M. Koteshkova, O.V. Dukhareva, N.A. Demidov, M.B. Antsiferov, Yu.V. Golubeva
Glucometer with a mobile application as a system for remote control of diabetes
№3 / 2023
O.A. Mubarakshina, I.O. Elizarova, O.V. Cherenkov
The effectiveness of the use of natural mineral water “Donat” in the complex therapy of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism disorders
№3 / 2023
S.V. Bulgakov, L.A. Sharonova, Yu.A. Dolgikh, O.V. Kosareva, E.V. Treneva, D.P. Kurmaev
Problems of pancreas transplantation and the role of bioengineered materials in long-term survival and functioning of islet cells
№3 / 2023
V.S. Nikiforov
Possibilities of using trimetazidine in comorbid cardiovascular pathology and metabolic disorders
№13 / 2022
E.I. Vereshchagin, E.V. Svechnikova, N.O. Artemyeva
Modern possibilities for correcting the uric acid level and eliminating skin manifestations of gout
№13 / 2022
A.E. Bagriy, O.A. Prikolota, A.V. Prikolota, E.S. Mikhailichenko, I.A. Golodnikov, O.N. Bagriy, K.A. Kotova
Clinical effects of dapagliflozin in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
№11-12 / 2022
M.G. Pavlova
Vildagliptin - new opportunities in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus
№11-12 / 2022
A.E. Bagriy, E.S. Mikhailichenko, A.V. Prikolota, K.E. Mogilevskaya
Features of the pathogenesis and treatment of diabetes mellitus during the COVID-19 pandemic
№11-12 / 2022
Yu.I. Khruleva, I.I. Amergulov, N.V. Likhodey, A.S. Dzyuba, Yu.P. Sych, M.G. Pavlova
Multiple thyroid carcinoma and other long-term endocrine consequences of chemoradiotherapy for medulloblastoma: a clinical case
№7 / 2022
O.M. Koteshkova (1), O.V. Dukhareva (1), N.A. Demidov (2), M.B. Antsiferov (1)
The use of the last generation insulin analogues for the control of diabetes mellitus in real clinical practice
№4 / 2022

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