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Smirnova E.Yu.
Intensification of diabetes therapy using insulin degludec. A series of atypical clinical cases
№2 / 2024
Farmanov A.G., Bublik E.V., Vinogradskaya O.I., Udovichenko O.V., Zilov A.V., Ryzhkova E.G., Egorov V.I., Fadeev V.V., Deune-zheva S.M., Zhivov A.V., Tobianskaya I.E.
Safety of continuous glycemic monitoring system in patients after total duodenopancreatectomy in the early postoperative period. Single-center retrospective cohort study
№2 / 2024
Suprun O.E., Bagriy A.E., Mikhailichenko E.S., Andreeva E.A., Evtushenko A.A., Suprun E.V.
Cohort study of clinical and anamnestic characteristics of patients with a combination of type 2 diabetes mellitus and irritable bowel syndrome
№2 / 2024
Koteshkova O.M., Antsiferov M.B., Antsiferova D.M., Demidov N.A.
Modern technologies in diabetes management
№2 / 2024
O.S. Elsukova
Intensification of glucose-lowering therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus using insulin degludec: clinical case analysis
№12 / 2023
T.N. Markova, A.A. Anchutina, M.S. Stas, M.M. Medzhidova
Features of compensation of carbohydrate metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus hospitalized with coronavirus infection
№12 / 2023
L.S. Aramisova, I.B. Zhurtova, A.M. Gubachikova
Diabetes mellitus and new coronavirus infection: a look into the past, conclusions on prevention and treatment tactics for the future
№12 / 2023
M.S. Novikova, O.M. Koteshkova, M.B. Antsiferov
Sulodexide: meta-analysis of the treatment of diabetic nephropathy and literature review
№12 / 2023
E.I. Vereshchagin, E.V. Svechnikova, G.B. Arutyunyan, N.O. Artemyeva, A.V. Devyatova, A.A. Sherf
Modern possibilities for correcting the uric acid level and eliminating skin manifestations of gout
№8 / 2023
T.A. Zelenina, A.B. Zemlianoi, V.V. Salukhov, D.D. Ismailov
Microcirculation disorders in diabetic patients
№3 / 2023
N.A. Korobkov, N.V. Bakulina, N.V. Borovik
Metabolic comorbidity of endometritis after caesarean section
№3 / 2023
O.M. Koteshkova, O.V. Dukhareva, N.A. Demidov, M.B. Antsiferov, Yu.V. Golubeva
Glucometer with a mobile application as a system for remote control of diabetes
№3 / 2023

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