№1 (54) / 2002

V.M. Polonskii
Despite Current Treatments, Patients Who Have Acute Coronary Syndromes (acs) Without St-segment Elevation (unstable Angina Pectoris) Have High Rates Of Major Vascular Events. Many Patients With Acs Are Managed Conservatively. The Clopidogrel In Unstable A
U.B. Belousov
Data From The Russian Clopidogrel Tolerability Study Conducted In 35 Medical Centres Are Presented. Clopidogrel (75 Mg Daily) Was Given For The Duration Of 12 Weeks To 858 Patients With Different Atherothrombotic Disorders. High Adherence To Clopidogrel T
A.B. Geht
General Strategy Of Antiepileptic Therapy Is Reviewed. Principles Of Usage Of Anticonvulsants Are Discussed In Relation To Clinical Forms Of Epilepsy. Data Are Presented On The Use Of Modern Antiepileptic Drugs. The Review Emphasize The Need For Systemic
P.N. Vlasov
This Article Reviews The Mechanisms Of Actions, Pharmacokinetics, Clinical Efficacy And Tolerability Of Vigabatrin, Tiagabine, Lamotrigine, Zonisamide, Oxcarbazepine, Felbamate, Gabapentin, Topiramate And Levetiracetam.
V.M. Studenikin, O.I. Maslova, V.I. Shelkovskii
Data On Specific Character Of Epilepsy In Children Is Presented, As Well As Its Classification. General Principles Of The Use Of Anticonvulsants In Pediatrics Are Considered. Advantages Of Monotherapy Are Justified. Preparations Used Against Epilepcy In C
P.N. Vlasov
Issues Of Antiepileptic Therapy In Women In Pubertal And Post-menopausal Periods As Well As In The Course Of Pregnancy Are Discussed. Basic Principles For The Treatment Of A Catamenial Epilepcy Have Been Formulated. Pharmaco-hormonal Interactions And Use
E.A. Ushkalova
Pregnancies In Women With Epilepsy Have The Increased Incidence Of Complications And Adverse Outcomes. There Is A 2- To 3-fold Increase In The Risk Of Birth Defects In Conjunction With Fetal Exposure To Anticonvulsant Drugs. Although The Mechanisms Mediat
U.B. Belousov, K.G. Gurevich
Possible Interactions Of Antiepileptic Drugs (aed) And Underlying Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Principles Are Considered. Prescription Of Several Aed Simultaneously, Or Combinations Of Aed With Drugs Of Other Categories May Modify Their Absorption,
A.V. Sokolov
Basic Principles Of Conduct Of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Of Anticonvulsants Are Reviewed. Two Approaches Are Presented For The Prognosis Of The Blood Level In Patients: A Classical One And One Based On Population Studies. A Detailed Description Of Metho
A.B. Geht, E.I. Gusev, U.B. Belousov, O.Ya. Kurash, E.G. Melikyan, A.V. Lebedeva, O.B. Lokshina, A.B. Feigina
Characteristic Features Of The Course Of Epilepsy As Well As Of Its Treatment In Elderly Patients Are Reviewed. It Is Noted That Complexity Of Treatment Of Epilepsy In Elderly Is Determined By Age Related Changes In Drug Metabolism And By Increased Risk O

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