№2-3 (55) / 2002

V.M. Polonskii
Despite The Use Of Aspirin, There Is Still A Risk Of Ishchaemic Events After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (pci).2658 Patients With Unstable Angina Undergoing Pci In Cure Study Had Been Randomly Assigned Double-blind Treatment With Clopidogrel (n=131
J.D. Kobalava
The Aim Of Progress Was To Determine The Effects Of A Flexible Blood-pressure-lowering Therapy, Involving An Ace Inhibitor (perindopril) And Diuretic (indapamide), On The Risk Of Stroke And Other Major Vascular Events Among Individuals With A History Of S
E.E. Gogin
Central And Peripheral Mechanisms Of Formation Of Primary And Symptomatic Arterial Hypertension Are Considered. The Existence Of A Hypertonic Disease As Precise Nosological Entry Is Grounded. Significance Of Raas In The Pathogenesis Of Arterial Hypertensi
U.B. Belousov
Low-dose (75-325 Mg Daily) Aspirin Has Been Shown To Reduce Incidence Of Nonfatal Myocardial Infarction (mi), Nonfatal Stroke And Vascular Death In Patients With Acute Mi, A Previous Mi, Angina Pectoris, And To Reduce Cardiovascular Morbidity And Mortalit
K.G. Gurevich
Influenza Is Acute Virus Infection With Characteristic Season Epidemics. Nowadays Vaccination Has To Be Proposed As The Main Influenza Prophylactics Method. State Vaccination Program Is Reserved For Groups Of The Raised Risk: People Older 60 Years, People
E.A. Ushkalova
Rapidly Accumulating Clinical Data Have Repeatedly Demonstrated Not Only The Critical Importance Of Even Small Increases In Blood Pressure As A Pathophysiologic Factor In The Development Of Cardiovascular Disease, Particularly In Individuals With Diabetes
E.A. Ovchinnikova, L.K. Ovchinnikova, A.V. Ushkalova
In This Review The Us Policy In The Area Of Self-medication And Otc Products Regulation Is Considered. Main Principles Of Evaluation Drug Products For The Over-the-counter Sale In The Us Are Discussed. Data Are Presented On Potential Advantages And Risks
T.V. Gerasimchuk
Drug Quality Control Laboratories In The Ukraine Participate In The Proficiency Testing Programmes For Analytical Chemists Organized By Who And Fip. This Was Made Feasible By Implementing Who Guidelines On Good Drug Quality Control Laboratory Practices, P
A.P. Meshkovskii
In The Second Half Of 2001 The Issue Of Counterfeited Drugs Attracted Particular Attention Of Russian Ministry Of Health Officials. A Series Of Internal Ministerial Meetings, As Well As Open Discussions Were Held. In The Course Of This Public Campaign Cer
A.U. Popov

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