A.M. Shilov, O.A. Zorina, N.B. Petrukhina

The article presents the results of the study involving 69 patients, of which 54 were with clinical and laboratory signs of metabolic syndrome (MS); the study was aimed to evaluation of effect of the endobiosis of digestive tract on lipid-carbohydrate metabolism. The study showed, that patients with abdominal obesity (BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2) have a violation of intestinal microbiosis - dysbiosis, accompanied by the development of systemic inflammation, activation of free radical processes (oxidative stress), and violations of regional and general immunity in the vast majority (80 to 90% of cases) of the cases. Inclusion of synbiotics (correctors of gastrointestinal microflora) and antioxidants (coenzyme-Q10) in the comprehensive treatment program at early stage of MS contributes to the restoration of intestinal microflora, general and regional immune status, improvement of periodontal repair processes, relief of oxidative processes, recovery of the sensitivity of insulin receptors, normalization of blood lipid-carbohydrate spectrum.

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