A.V. Ushkalova, E.A. Ushkalova

The article considers the different aspects of mental disorders during pregnancy. General principles of treatment of mental disorders in pregnant women are presented. Questions of safety of psychotropic drugs for mother and child (fetus) are discussed. It is emphasized that decision making about administration of psychotropic drugs during pregnancy should be individual in each case. Planning for pregnancy, discussion of potential risks and therapeutic opportunities is extremely important for women with mental disorders. In some cases, withdrawal of psychotropic drugs for the entire period of pregnancy, or in some critical periods is feasible. In case of need for psychopharmacotherapy, careful selection of drugs in view of the course of disease and its negative effects on the fetus and the health of the pregnant woman is necessary. Monotherapy is preferred if possible. In all cases, careful monitoring of the woman and fetus throughout the pregnancy is required.

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