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O.D. Guryeva, M.I. Savelyeva, T.T. Valiev
Influence of pharmacogenetic parameters on clinical variants of methotrexate toxicity in acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children
№7 / 2022
E.M. Spivak (1), A.I. Khavkin (2, 3)
Patterns of changes in the cellular composition of the gastric glands in chronic gastritis in children and adolescents
№1 / 2022
E.Yu. Radzig
New possibilities of “old” antibiotics: high-dose Amoxiclav in the practice of a pediatrician
№9 / 2021
I.A. Dronov (1, 2), N.D. Odinayeva (2, 3)
Rational treatment of acute respiratory tract infections in children as a method of antimicrobial resistance control: focus on phytotherapy
№1 / 2021
M.I. Dubrovskaya, E.I. Gryaznova, A.S. Botkina
The type of psychological component of the mother’s gestational dominant and the severity of functional gastrointestinal disorders in children of the first year of life: results of an online survey
№1 / 2021
T.Yu. Maksimycheva (1, 2), E.I. Kondratyeva (2), T.N. Sorvacheva (1), T.A. Evdokimova (1)
Rationale for adequate enzyme replacement therapy for children with cystic fibrosis: a cross-sectional study
№1 / 2020
S.V. Zaitseva, O.V. Zaitseva, E.E. Lokshina
Actual issues of etiology, diagnosis and therapy of community-acquired pneumonia in children
№1 / 2020
B.M. Blokhin, A.D. Prokhorova, A.S. Suyundukova, I.P. Lobushkova
Diagnosis and treatment options for acute gastroenteritis in children
№1 / 2020
T.A. Evdokimova (1), T.N. Sorvacheva (2), L.Yu. Volkova (1), A.N. Safronova (1), E.E. Petryaykina (2)
The principles of nutritional support in children in hospital settings
№1 / 2020
A.Yu. Vashura
Nutritional deficiency, its causes and methods of correction in children with CNS tumors during and after active therapy
№10 / 2019
V.M. Shaytor
The use of an innovative approach to the rehabilitation of children with central nervous system damage (clinical cases)
№1 / 2019
V.A. Bulgakova (1), E.N. Kareva (2, 3), T.E. Privalova (1, 2)
Antiviral therapy for acute respiratory infections: the role of recombinant interferon type I
№1 / 2019

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