№14 / 2023

L.V. Osidak, O.I. Afanasyeva, E.G. Golovacheva, E.A. Smorodintseva, E.V. Obraztsova, E.S. Goncharova
Rimantadine in combination with sodium alginate as a means of treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections of various etiologies in infants and preschool children
E.B. Belan, E.M. Nikiforova
Possibility of using a combination of interferon alpha-2b and a complex immunoglobulin drug for infectious diseases in children
O.A. Bashkina, D.F. Sergienko, T.M. Kuznetsova
Bronchiolitis in children: a series of clinical examples
N.V. Sturov, S.V. Popov, Z.A. Ivanov
Disturbances of the gut microbiota and their correction in patients with oxalate nephrolithiasis
D.I. Trukhan, V.A. Gudilin
Antibiotic-associated diarrhea: potentials for the use of synbiotics
Yu.P. Uspensky, Z.Kh. Gulunov
Upper gastrointestinal involvement in Crohn’s disease
N.A. Fadeeva, O.V. Knyazev, D.S. Bordin, K.A. Nikolskaya, S.M. Chudnykh, N.A. Dashkina, G.B. Artykova, E.I. Aliev
Features of the use of genetic engineering biological drugs in the treatment of patients with Crohn’s disease
S.V. Zakharov, A.Yu. Savchenko
Therapeutic horizons of indirect oral anticoagulants
O.D. Ostroumova, A.V. Dubinina, V.A. De, A.I. Kochetkov, V.B. Dashabylova, S.S. Eremina, M.V. Klepikova
On the issue of improving the safety of antithrombotic therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation and coronary heart disease receiving antithrombotic therapy
A.V. Dubinina, A.I. Kochetkov, A.E. Vorobyova, S.S. Eremina, K.B. Mirzaev, O.D. Ostroumova
Analysis of the structure of comorbidities and pharmacotherapy in patients with a combination of atrial fibrillation and coronary heart disease
E.V. Rebrova, E.V. Shikh, R.E. Kazakov, G.G. Melkonyan, N.P. Kulagina
Analysis of the frequency of CYP2C9, AGTR1, AGT, ACE, CYP11B2 gene Polymorphisms occurrence in patients with newly diagnosed 1–2 degree arterial hypertension
M.V. Leonova
Bempedoic acid – a new drug in lipid-lowering therapy
I.G. Trukhanova, S.Kh. Sadreeva, D.S. Zinatullina, I.A. Polyakov, D.P. Alcova
Clinical case of complete atrioventricular block complicated by Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome at the prehospital stage
E.G. Bykova, O.V. Zakharova, N.A. Platonava
Endovascular treatment of a patient with chronic abdominal ischemia syndrome: a clinical case
E.Yu. Trushina, E.M. Kostina, V.A. Tipikin, E.A. Orlova
Modern ideas about the combination of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
A.Y. Savchenko, G.V.Ramenskaya, V.G. Kukes, N.V. Shilova
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the new anti-tuberculosis drug thiozonide in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis with multi- and extensive drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
N.L. Ryabkova, E.B. Moskvina
Dynamics of antibiotic resistance in the surgical departments of a multidisciplinary hospital using the example of the Republican Hospital n.a. V.A. Baranov
E.V. Panteleev, S.V. Matveev
Personalized approach to the rehabilitation of patients with degenerative dystrophic disk disease and clinical manifestations in the form of poor posture and pain syndrome
E.M. Markelova, L.S. Kruglova, N.V. Gryazeva
Experience with the use of various forms of zinc pyrithione for seborrheic dermatitis
E.V. Svechnikova, Yu.V. Maksimova, G.B. Arutyunyan, N.O. Artemyeva, A.V. Devyatova, A.A. Sherf
Seborrheic dermatitis. association of MCM6 lactase gene polymorphism and seborrheic dermatitis by the example of a clinical case
F.G. Ivanova, T.I. Nikolaeva, N.I. Spiridonova, L.N. Afanasyeva, P.V. Nikiforov, T.N. Zharnikova
Clinical experience with the use of combination drug therapy in the first line treatment of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer
G.G. Khakimova, A.A. Tryakin
Data in the treatment of colon cancer from real clinical practice in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
V.F. Semiglazov, P.V. Krivorotko, N.B. Bekkeldieva, A.V. Komyakhov, A.S. Emelyanov, A.O. Gorina
The role of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors in adjuvant therapy of breast cancer

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