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Shuvalova A.S., Prokofieva T.V., Polunina O.S., Polunina E.A.
Association of N-terminal pro C-type natriuretic peptide and endothelin-1 levels with the risk of cardiovascular complications in arterial hypertension six months after COVID-19
№1 / 2024
E.V. Rebrova, E.V. Shikh, R.E. Kazakov, G.G. Melkonyan, N.P. Kulagina
Analysis of the frequency of CYP2C9, AGTR1, AGT, ACE, CYP11B2 gene Polymorphisms occurrence in patients with newly diagnosed 1–2 degree arterial hypertension
№14 / 2023
B.G. Iskenderov, T.V. Lokhina, N.V. Berenshtein
Significance of vascular remodeling and vagosympathetic tone in the implementation of the antihypertensive effect of indapamide retard
№9/10 / 2023
D.I. Trukhan, A.F. Sulimov, L.Yu. Trukhan
Association of arterial hypertension and periodontal disease: a review of new data
№9/10 / 2023
L.A. Ruyatkina, D.S. Ruyatkin, L.V. Shcherbakova
Age-dependent aspects of informativeness of surrogate indices of insulin resistance in the formation of menopausal metabolic syndrome
№3 / 2023
A.A. Kostromina, Yu.R. Khvostantseva, O.G. Filimonova
Dependence of clinical parameters on the presence of arterial hypertension in patients with osteoarthritis
№13 / 2022
V.V. Gorban, E.V. Gorban, V.S. Manto
Features of heart rate variability in middle-aged people with arterial hypertension depending on gender and composite body structure
№13 / 2022
D.I. Trukhan
A comorbid patient at a therapeutic reception during the COVID-19 pandemic. Current aspects of the rehabilitation period
№13 / 2022
I.A. Kurnikova, Sh.G. Gulova, N.O. Danilina, A.S. Klimenko, D.D. Chentsova
Effective treatment of exogenous-constitutional obesity in a young patient: a description of a clinical case
№11-12 / 2022
I.I. Sinitsina (1), A.V. Boyarko (2), I.I. Temirbulatov (1), D.A. Sychev (1)
Effect of CYP2C9 gene polymorphism on losartan dosage regimen in patients with I–II degree arterial hypertension
№13 / 2021
B.G. Iskenderov, N.V. Berenshtein, I.N. Mozhzhukhina
Remodeling of the cardiovascular system in patients with essential arterial hypertension associated with primary subclinical hyperparathyroidism
№13 / 2021
A.F. Verbovoy, Yu.A. Dolgikh
Insulin resistance – a common enemy for endocrinologists and cardiologists
№12 / 2021

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