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E.G. Bykova, O.V. Zakharova, N.A. Platonava
Endovascular treatment of a patient with chronic abdominal ischemia syndrome: a clinical case
№14 / 2023
N.I. Mikhailov, A.M. Zaitsev, O.N. Kirsanova, S.A. Kisariev
Spontaneous regression of hormonally inactive pituitary adenoma: a clinical case and literature review
№6-7 / 2023
A.Yu. Petukhova
A personalized approach to omalizumab therapy in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria: case series
№1-2 / 2023
A.Yu. Rodin
Clinical case of pachydermodactyly in an adolescent
№9 / 2022
Yu.P. Moiseeva, G.Z. Piskunov, S.Ya. Kosyakov, A.A. Kirsanova, E.F. Shaikhutdinova
New options for the treatment of patients with uncontrolled course of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps with dupilumab: a clinical case
№5 / 2022
E.G. Bykova (1), A.S. Shkurat (2), M.I. Ivanova (1), S.A. Boldueva (1), M.V. Rozhdestvenskaya (1)
Case of successful treatment of Dressler’s syndrome
№3 / 2022
I.V. Kozlova, T.A. Tikhonova
Irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis: touch points. Analysis of a clinical case
№2 / 2022
O.G. Filimonova
Features of the management of a patient with postmenopausal osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency: a clinical case
№12 / 2021
I.A. Barsukov, A.A. Demina
Experience of using the new ultrafast-acting insulin Fiasp® in patients on insulin pump therapy: a case report
№4 / 2021
E.G. Bykova (1), A.L. Petrov (2)
Retrospective analysis of a clinical case of sepsis in a patient with liver cirrhosis
№14 / 2020
S.V. Khokhlova
Optimal treatment strategy for a patient with advanced ovarian cancer without deterioration in the quality of life: a clinical case
№12 / 2019
V.M. Shaytor
The use of an innovative approach to the rehabilitation of children with central nervous system damage (clinical cases)
№1 / 2019

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