Effect Of Local Therapy With Viferon (ointment) On The Course Of Arvi Of Various Etiology In Infants

I.N. Zakharova, Kh.I. Kurbanova, V.V. Malinovskaya, N.A. Korovina

The article presents the results of evaluation of clinical and immunological efficacy of local use of recombinant interferon ?-2? preparation (Viferon, ointment) in acute respiratory viral infections (ARvI) of various etiologies in 100 infants. It was shown that the use of local ointment form of the drug reduced the duration of symptoms of the disease and allowed to achieve the elimination of pathogens from port of ARVI without systemic effects on the immune system of the child. The protective effect of Viferon (ointment) with regard to recurrent viral contamination in ARVI patients allows to use this drug for the prevention of re-infection of children in hospitals and in organized groups.

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