Evaluation Of Epidemiological Efficacy Of Trivalent Subunit Purified Inactivated Vaccine "agrippal S1" (italy) For Prevention Of Influenza And Acute Respiratory Viral Infections In Moscow In Epidemic Season 2008-2009.

I.N. Lytkina, I.V. Mikheeva

The present article is dedicated to the results of evaluation of epidemiological (preventive) efficacy of subunit purified inactivated vaccine Agrippal S1 in the period of seasonal increase of incidence of influenza and acute respiratory viral infection - ARVI (2008-2009) among 17,102 high risk children and adults (health professionals). It was shown that vaccine Agrippal S1 has high epidemiological efficiency; the incidence of influenza and ARVI in once vaccinated group was less by 4.32 times compared with not vaccinated group. Agrippal S1 was well-tolerated in children and adults: within a month after vaccination, there were no seeking medical advices in vaccinated group. The calculations have shown that immunization by Agrippal S1 in 17,102 individuals allowed to prevent the loss of 49,918.32 thousand rubles (2.92 rubles per vaccine).

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