Peculiarities Of Magnesium Use In The Period Of Pregnancy And In Pediatric Practice

I.K. Tomilova, I.S. Yurgel, O.A. Gromova, V.G. Rebrov

Peculiarities of magnesium use in the period of pregnancy and in pediatric practice
The normal level of magnesium in vivo recognized as a fundamental constant, which controls human health. Since 1995, WHO classifies pathological condition "magnesium deficiency" as a disease. In obstetric-gynecological practice, magnesium preparations are traditionally used for reduces the uterus hypertonia and premature delivery prevention because magnesium lowers the muscle tissue tone due to antagonism with calcium, providing muscle contraction. A pronounced positive effect was obtained by orotate magnesium administration in pregnant women with arterial hypertension. As a component of the drug orotic acid in this particular case is an intermediate step in the pyrimidine biosynthesis, glycogen synthesis, etc. Magnesium and orotic acid have a synergistic effect. For that reason, drug Magnerot, one tablet which contains 500 mg of magnesium orotate dehydrate, come under notice. This salt is poorly water-soluble, therefore nonreactive with gastric juice and has no laxative effect. As a source of magnesium, drug was originally designed to correct magnesium deficiency in various diseases and pregnancy.

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