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Bulgakova S.V., Sharonova L.A., Kurmaev D.P., Treneva E.V., Kosareva O.V., Dolgikh Yu.A., Merzlova P.Ya.
Relationship between sarcopenic obesity and bone density in elderly patients
№2 / 2024
N.A. Korobkov, N.V. Bakulina, N.V. Borovik
Metabolic comorbidity of endometritis after caesarean section
№3 / 2023
O.A. Mubarakshina, I.O. Elizarova, O.V. Cherenkov
The effectiveness of the use of natural mineral water “Donat” in the complex therapy of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism disorders
№3 / 2023
V.V. Salukhov, E.A. Kovalevskaya
The relationship between obesity, vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis, as well as methods for their correction
№1-2 / 2023
L.V. Vasilyeva, E.V. Gosteva, E.F. Evstratova, E.Yu. Suslova
Experience of successful use of a combination of methylsulfonylmethane, vitamin C and native collagen-2 in a patient with osteoarthritis of the knee joints on the background of obesity: a clinical case
№1-2 / 2023
N.A. Korobkov, N.V. Bakulina, G.G. Rodionov, E.A. Kolobova
Optimization of antibiotic prophylaxis of deep surgical site infection during caesarean section in obese pregnant women
№11-12 / 2022
S.D. Osmanova, S.G. Tsakhilova, M.A. Tsarkova, A.A. Saschenko
Obesity as a factor in the development of gestational diabetes mellitus
№6 / 2022
I.A. Kurnikova, Sh.G. Gulova, S.A. Buturlina, I. Mokhammed
Modern approaches to obesity therapy: efficiency problems
№4 / 2022
S.V. Tikhonov, V.I. Simanenkov, N.V. Bakulina, N.B. Lischuk
Lifestyle modification in patients with non-erosive reflux disease and overweight or obesity
№2 / 2022
A.F. Verbovoy, Yu.A. Dolgikh, N.I. Verbovaya, T.V. Lomonova
Obesity: an invisible disease
№12 / 2021
D.A. Sychev, O.D. Ostroumova, A.P. Pereverzev, A.I. Kochetkov, M.V. Klepikova, E.Yu. Ebzeeva, V.A. De
Risk factors of drug-induced diseases. Part 2. Comorbid diseases and lifestyle factors
№12 / 2021
N.I. Volkova, S.O. Panenko, A.O. Golubeva
Is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease a consequence of obesity and a predictor of diabetes?
№12 / 2021

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