№13 / 2021

A.P. Pereverzev (1), O.D. Ostroumova (1, 2), D.A. Sychev (1)
Drug-alcohol interactions: focus on central-acting drugs and analgesics
A.P. Pereverzev (1), O.D. Ostroumova (1, 2), D.A. Sychev (1)
Interactions between alcohol and drugs: focus on drugs used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, antimicrobial drugs
D.V. Bestaev (1), A.A. Konushkaliev (1, 2)
On the question of systemic manifestations of early-onset rheumatoid arthritis
A.M. Tkachev (1), I.E. Gordeeva (2), A.V. Epifanov (3), E.S. Akarachkova (4), V.V. Zhurbenko (1), A.V. Smirnova (5)
Facet syndrome in the clinical picture of dorsopathies
D.I. Trukhan (1), E.L. Davydov (2)
The place and role of a therapist and general practitioner in the management of comorbid patients during the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19): an emphasis on the rehabilitation stage
O.A. Polyakova (1), A.A. Chochua (1), O.V. Golovina (1), E.V. Mironova (2), O.D. Ostroumova (1)
Possibilities of using trimetazidine in the treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease and chronic heart failure
N.V. Izmozherova, M.A. Shambatov, V.M. Bakhtin, A.A. Popov
The role of magnesium deficiency in the pathogenesis of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia
A.I. Tarzimanova, E.E. Bykova
Antiarrhythmic therapy for atrial fibrillation in patients with the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection: how to make the right choice?
V.G. Tregubov (1), I.Z. Shubitidze (2), N.M. Nazhalkina (1)
Comparison of the effect of nebivolol and sotalol on the functional state of patients with paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia
B.G. Iskenderov, N.V. Berenshtein, I.N. Mozhzhukhina
Remodeling of the cardiovascular system in patients with essential arterial hypertension associated with primary subclinical hyperparathyroidism
I.I. Sinitsina (1), A.V. Boyarko (2), I.I. Temirbulatov (1), D.A. Sychev (1)
Effect of CYP2C9 gene polymorphism on losartan dosage regimen in patients with I–II degree arterial hypertension
S.A. Babanov, T.A. Azovskova, N.E. Lavrentieva
About the trends in the change in indicators of occupational morbidity of healthcare practitioners in the Samara region
O.R. Bektoshev, R. Bektoshev, A.S. Babazhanov, A.U. Akhmedov, Yu.I. Nizamova, Sh. Bektoshev
About the mechanism of development of acquired tethered cord syndrome in patients with lumbar osteochondrosis
Zh.D. Khuzhakhmedov (1), L.I. Shevchenko (2), Kh. Ya. Karimov (2), T.R. Alimov (2)
The effectiveness of the new blood substitute rheoambrasol in experimental toxic hypoxia
Yu.I. Khabarova (1), A.A. Tappakhov (1, 2), T.E. Popova (1)
Effect of dopaminergic therapy on cognitive function in patients with Parkinson’s disease

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