Pain And Its Features In Osteoporosis

Ye.V. Doskina (1), A.V. Doskin (2)

1 SBE FPE RMAPE, Moscow, 2 First-aid station n.a. A.S. Puchkov, Moscow
The article discusses the current data on the characteristics and gender differences of pain syndromes (PS) of different origin. The potentials for use of calcitonin in analgesic therapy of osteoporosis are considered. 127 case records of patients with verified osteoporosis were analyzed for the purpose of definition of features of disease in men and women, presence of PS and options for its treatment. The results of use of domestic drug calcitonin (Veprena) in the group of 23 men and women with osteoporosis are presented. It is shown that the Veprena (calcitonin) is a safe and effective drug for the treatment of PS in men and women with osteoporosis. The analgesic effect of the drug Veprena develops after the first intranasal administration, stable therapeutic effect is achieved within 3 months.

About the Autors

Doskina Elena Valeryevna – PhD in Medical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetology SBEI FPE RMAPe.
Tel. 8 (499) 210-35-08, e-mail:;
Doskin Alexander Valeryevich - psychiatrist, First-aid station n.a. A.S. Puchkov

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