Modern Aspects Of Use Of Antihistamines In Therapeutic Practice

N.S. Tataurschikova

Institute of immunology of Federal medical-biological Agency of the Russian Federation, Moscow. Russian peoples friendship University, Moscow.
The article considers I and II generation antihistamines (AGs) used today in medical practice. The advantages of nonsedative II generation AGs, especially so-called active metabolites (cetirizine, levocetirizine, desloratadine, fexofenadine), are emphasized. Currently, the most promising AG is cetirizine as deservedly regarded. This is one of the most effective H1-AG, which efficacy have been compared with other members of this group of drugs in greatest number of clinical trials; cetirizine is preferable in patients who respond poorly to the therapeutic effects of other AGs. Among generics of cetirizine, Cetrine distinguish oneself as best antihistamine for therapeutic practice that combines high efficacy, safety and pharmacoeconomic benefits. This is a drug of first choice among patients with allergic diseases and in the treatment of ARVI in patients with burdened allergic background.

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