Prevalence, Peculiarities Of The Course And Pharmacotherapy Of Osteoporosis In Oncological Patients

A.L. Vertkin, A.V. Naumov, O.V. Kozlova, E.V. Maximenko, Yu. A. Himich

Prevalence, peculiarities of the course and pharmacotherapy of osteoporosis in oncological patients
The results of a comprehensive study on the prevalence and characteristics of osteoporosis (OP) in cancer patients are presented. It is shown that in the structure of patients who come to the city's OP office about 3% were patients with oncological diseases (OD), the most common - women who had undergone mastectomy due to breast cancer (BC). Among patients with OD, OP is diagnosed in 3 times more often, and rates of bone remodeling markers show more pronounced disorders of bone metabolism than in the control group without OD. Management with specialized antiosteoporosis therapy in patients undergoing mastectomy due to breast cancer leads to increase of bone mineral density (BMD) at 3.7% per year. Lack of pathogenetic treatment of OP is accompanied by additional loss of the BMD.

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