Breast Cancer And Pregnancy

G.A. Dashian, V.F. Semiglazov, V.V. Semiglazov, N.Sh. Migmanova, O.A. T.T. Tabagua, A.G. Vasilyev

Breast cancer and pregnancy
Breast cancer, which has developed against the background of pregnancy is a relatively rare phenomenon (1/3000-1/10000 per all pregnant women). The majority of oncologists and gynecologists facing such breast cancer only once in several years have misconceptions about the biology and prognosis of the disease. A few studies have shown a complex associative relation between pregnancy and breast cancer. Lack of information makes it difficult to decision making for many women with breast cancer or wishing to become pregnant after a previously treated breast cancer. This review covers treatment options for women with breast cancer and analyze the available evidence for the safety of pregnancy after breast cancer.

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