Data For Evaluation Of Efficacy Of Magnesium-containing Drugs In 185 Patients Experiencing Emotional Stress, With Tension Headaches, Hyperventilation Syndrome, Vegetative Dystonia Syndrome, Asthenia, And Other Forms Of Neurotic Disorders Associated With L

E.S. Akarachkova

Data for evaluation of efficacy of magnesium-containing drugs in 185 patients experiencing emotional stress, with tension headaches, hyperventilation syndrome, vegetative dystonia syndrome, asthenia, and other forms of neurotic disorders associated with lower adaptive capacity are presented. Along with the clinical neurological and vegetative assessment, a third of patients underwent to analysis of magnesium and other of essential micronutrients (calcium, sodium and potassium) content in biological material (hair). Initially, most patients have magnesium deficiency, and other essential elements in absolute measures were kept within normal limits. Course Magne B6 administration (8 weeks) significantly increased the magnesium level, favorably impacted on its relations with other important minerals that leaded to regression of clinical manifestations, autonomic dysfunctions relief and increase of tolerance to stress in the orthostatic stress.

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