We Present The Results Of Clinical Assessment For Applicability Of Buscopan (hyoscine Butilbromide) In The Treatment Of Chronic Pancreatitis With Pain Syndrome. In The Study, Including 52 Patients, Buscopan Significantly Reduced The Pain Intensity In A Pe

T.S. Mischurovskaya, E.A. Belousova

We present the results of clinical assessment for applicability of Buscopan (Hyoscine butilbromide) in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis with pain syndrome. In the study, including 52 patients, Buscopan significantly reduced the pain intensity in a period of 2 weeks management. The optimal dose was 20 mg 3 times daily, in this case the pain index decreased by 4 times compared with baseline. The frequency of the typical cholinolytic side effects of Buscopan is about 14% regardless of dose.

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