Efficacy Of Odeston In The Treatment Of Patients With Chronic Pancreatitis

V.A. Maximov, S.E. Buntin, V.G. Buntina

Efficacy of Odeston in the treatment of patients with chronic pancreatitis
The results of investigations of the myotropic spasmolytic Odeston (hymecromone) influence in the pancreas exocrine function in 11 patients with different genesis chronic pancreatitis (CP) are presented. Odeston administration in the treatment of patients with CP leads to pain syndrome relief, severity of diarrhea and flatulence decrease, basic indicators of pancreas exocrine function improvement: time-voltage pancreatin extension, mean concentration and discharge of amylase and bicarbonates one hour after stimulation. The drug administration was well tolerated, we did not reveal any complications or negative side effects when it is receiving in stated dosages. Thus, Odeston is a highly effective medicine for maldigestive syndromes relief, and it promotes regression of duodenum dyskinesia and symptoms of pancreatitis.

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