Syndrome Of Excess Bacterial Growth In Small Intestine In The Light Of General Conception Of Intestinal Dysbacteriosis: View On The Problem

E.A. Belousova

Syndrome of excess bacterial growth in small intestine in the light of general conception of intestinal dysbacteriosis: view on the problem
The article discusses the controversial issues concerning the notion of "dysbacteriosis" and elaborates the term "small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome” (SBBOS). In light of the actual contradictions, the author provides its own perspective on the problem and tries to determine the place of SBBOS in the general concept of microbial intestinal disorders. The author considers the composition of normal microflora of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and the functions of microbiota. The legality of "intestinal dysbacteriosis” notion is fully discussed. The article presents a definition of SBBOS as proximal small bowel colonization more than 104 CFU/ml of intestinal contents through the pathogenic microflora entering from the upper GIT (or upper respiratory tract) or due to retrograde translocation of the representatives of the colon microbiota; SBBOS place in the classification of dysbacteriosis is discussed. Data for the contemporary approaches to the treatment of SBBOS are presented.

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