Anticonvulsants Influence On Cognitive And Behavioral Functions

A.V. Ushkalova, E.A. Ushkalova С. 1318

Anticonvulsants influence on cognitive and behavioral functions
The article considers influence of the basic anticonvulsants and the last generation anticonvulsants on cognitive function and behavior. It is emphasized that physicians should be mindful of the significant differences between the drugs in this group in anticonvulsants administration with regard to their effect on cognitive function, mood and behavior that may be relevant to the quality of life of patients. It is emphasized that the basic antiepileptic anticonvulsants administration, such as valproate and carbamazepine, has minimal impact on cognitive function. However, there are no sufficient data for the effects of last generation anticonvulsants emerged relatively recently, on cognitive function that requires further study in clinical trials and meta-analysis.

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