Place Of Respiratory Fluoroquinolones In The Complex Therapy Of Patients With Polypous Purulent Rhinosinusitis In The Combination With Asthma

A.Yu. Ovchinnikov, A.Yu. Djenjera, S.I. Ovcharenko, I.G. Kolbanova

Place of respiratory fluoroquinolones in the complex therapy of patients with polypous purulent rhinosinusitis in the combination with asthma
The questions of etiology and pathogenesis of polypous-purulent rhinosinusitis (PPRS), which can cause and maintain pulmonary diseases, bronchial asthma especially, are discussed. Since the PPRS and bronchial asthma linked by etiology and pathogenesis, they often accompany each other. So-called respiratory fluoroquinolones take important place in the treatment of rhinosinusitis. The results of levofloxacin therapy (Tavanik) as a preparation for surgical treatment in 29 patients with exacerbation of PPRS accompanied by bronchial asthma are presented. The positive result was noted in 24 (82.8%) persons, satisfactory in 3 (10.34%). Improvement of asthma course, expressed in severity decrease and symptoms frequency reduction as well as significant improvement of respiratory function was observed in all patients.

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