O.A. Nikitinskaya, N.V. Toroptsova

FSBSI “Scientific Research Institute of Rheumatology n.a. V.A. Nasonova”, Moscow
Surveys of doctors and patients with osteoporosis have shown that generic antiosteoporotic drugs are widely used in real clinical practice. Doctors recommended them more often than other drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis, 49% of all prescription antiresorptive drugs, in addition to the above, 62% of the interviewed patients received generic alendronate preparations during the year preceding the survey. Among those treated with various preparations of alendronate, only 47% of patients were compliant during the year, and notably, the cost of the medication, the duration of treatment, the absence of the drug in the pharmacy, the inconvenience of reception, and poor tolerability influenced the regularity of the use. The appearance of a new form of generic alendronate in the form of effervescent tablets to prepare a buffer solution that has a more favorable safety profile for the gastrointestinal tract can positively influence the adherence of patients to osteoporosis treatment.

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Corresponding author: N.V. Toroptsova – MD, Head of the Laboratory of Osteoporosis FSBSI «Scientific Research Institute of Rheumatology n.a. V.A. Nasonova», Moscow; tel. 8 (499) 614-42-80; e-mail:

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