I.G. Bakulin, T.V.Shkurko, A.I. Parfenov, O.V. Knyazev, N.A. Fadeeva, E.Yu. Zhulina, O.N. Boldyrev, E.I. Aliev

SBHCI Moscow Clinical Research and Practical Center of the Moscow Healthcare Department
In the fields of healthcare and social development patient registers is the uniform automated system - organized system of collecting information on patients with specific diseases, which are in a certain clinical condition or receiving/received specific treatment, and on patients who have been registered in the health system. The article presents the results of the creation of a register of patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) within the Moscow Healthcare Department, that will solve the pressing problems such as the optimization of drug therapy, programming treatment and rehabilitation of patients with IBD, monitoring of effectiveness, safety of treatment and quality of care in the future.


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I.G. Bakulin – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Prof., Head of the Department of Hepatology SBHCI "Moscow Clinical Research Center" of the Moscow Healthcare Department; e-mail:

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