T.N. Kiseleva (1), M.V. Ezhov (2), N.A. Adzhemyan (1)

(1) Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Eye Diseases n.a. Helmholtz, Moscow; (2) FSI "Russian Cardiological Research and Production Complex" of RMPH, Institute of Clinical Cardiology n.a. A.L. Myasnikov, Moscow
Literature review is devoted to the diagnosis and screening of hypertensive retinopathy (HR). The results of large-scale epidemiological studies indicating the relationship of HR with the risk of coronary artery disease and stroke, and assessing the risk of occurrence of these states, as well as determining the effect of high blood pressure on the retinal circulation, are presented. Information about the pathophysiology of the clinical stages of retinal lesions in arterial hypertension and about the use of instrumental methods for the early diagnosis of the disease are provided.

About the Autors

T.N. Kiseleva – MD, Prof., Head of the Department of Ultrasound FSBI "MSRIED n.a. Helmholtz" of RMPH
M.V. Ezhov – MD, Senior Research at the Department of atherosclerosis problems SRI of Cardiology n.a. A.L. Myasnikov FSBI "RCRPC" of RMPH
N.A. Adzhemyan - postgraduate student at the Department of Ultrasound FSBI "MSRIED n.a. Helmholtz" of RMPH

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