N.Yu. Karpova, M.A. Rashid, N.A. Shostak, T.V. Kazakova

In recent years, the relationship of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and osteoporosis is actively discussing in the scientific literature and the medical community. The results of a number of epidemiological studies that found an associative relationship between vascular calcification and bone health were the basis for the discussion. The article discusses risk factors and pathogenesis of bone diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Rational algorithm for the management of patients with cardiovascular diseases and skeletal system disorders is presented. Particular attention is paid to the preparation Alphadol-Ca, 1 capsule of which contains 0.25 micrograms of vitamin D predecessor analogue alphacalcidol and 200 mg of calcium carbonate. It was found that vitamin D analogues, such as alfacalcidol, have a positive effect on bone remodeling and bone microarchitectonics; moreover, such drugs have a particular advantages as proven immunomodulatory and anti-cytokine effects, that justifies their use by persons with concomitant pathology of cardiovascular and bone systems.

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