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Why Cholecystectomy Does Not Always Improve Quality Of Life?
№17 / 2012
N.A. Agafonova, E.P. Yakovenko, A.S. Pryanishnikova, A.V. Yakovenko, A.N. Ivanov
Pathogenetic Treatment Of Cholelithiasis
№12 / 2011
E.V. Graushkina, I.V. Kozlov, S.V. Volkov
Clinical Efficacy Of De-nol In Patients With Pathology Of Esophagogastroduodenal Zone In The Absence Of Gall Bladder
№10 / 2011
A.A. Ilchenko, E.V. Byistrovskaya
Therapy Of Postcholecystectomic Syndrome
№2 / 2009

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