Features Of Treatment Of Acute Respiratory Diseases In Allergic Patients

Nosulya E.V.

The article stresses that allergy is one of the risk factors for recurrence of ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection) and severe course of respiratory infection. Allergic rhinitis – predisposing cause for the development of acute sinusitis, acute otitis and other inflammatory diseases of ENT organs. Recurrence of ARVI may contribute to sensitization and participate in the pathogenesis of systemic hypersensitivity reactions followed by the formation of exacerbation of bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases. The burdened history and allergic reactions in patients with ARVI determines the advisability of inclusion of antihistamines in the basic treatment to reduce and prevent complications of inflammation in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract. One of these agents is cetirizine, a drug with favorable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics.

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