Vascular Dementia - The Problem Of General Practitioner

Fomin V.V.

The article discusses the clinical significance and approaches to the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases in the physician's practice. The vascular dementia (VD), which first must be recognized by general practitioner, inevitably lead to social maladjustment, promotes a discernible decline in adherence to treatment; in this connection, the course of majority of chronic diseases worsens. The contributing factors for VD and other cognitive impairments (arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, etc.), possible ways of their prevention and treatment are considered. Results of clinical studies show that pentoxifylline is one of the pathogenetic action drugs which inhibit the progression of cognitive dysfunction. It is noted that long-term use of pentoxifylline allows to reduce the rate of development of VD in patients after acute cerebrovascular events, including recurrent events.

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