Combined Administration Of Artra And Alflutop In Osteoarthritis Of Stifle Joint

Mikhlina N. M., Sulimov V. A., Menshikova I. V. С. 8285

In accordance with the EULAR recommendations (2003) for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA), so-called slow-release symptom-modifying drugs with a possible structure-modifying activity (chondroprotectors) and preparations for intra-articular injection are widely used. We present results of study focused on the effectiveness of treatment of OA of stifle joint. Study included 40 patients with OA aged 53-70 years, all patient received chondroprotector Artra in combination with intra-articular injection of Alflutop. Initially we assessed arthrological status of patients after the end of treatment and at 6 months later, X-ray study and ultrasound investigation of the stifle joint were performed in accordance with the EULAR recommendations. After treatment pain reduction by 15%, improvement in summed score for WOMAC pain subscale by 20%, stiffness subscale – by 18% function subscale – by 25%, and decrease of index Lekena by 22% were observed. Data for slowing radiological progression of OA were not obtained, perhaps due to of the small period of observation.

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