Study Of The State Of Microbiocenosis Of The Mouth Cavity In Inflammatory Diseases Of Periodontum And Evaluation Of The Possibility Of Its Correction With The Help Of Stomatidine

V.V. Svirin, V.O. Bogdanova, M.D. Ardatskaya С.5663

Study of the state of microbiocenosis of the mouth cavity in inflammatory diseases of periodontum and evaluation of the possibility of its correction with the help of Stomatidine
The clinical study involving 120 patients with dental disease showed multidirectional disturbances of microbiocenosis such as a reduction of the size and metabolic activity of indigenic microflora, increase of the activity of the aerobic flora, in particular, with proteolytic activity (in caries), and increase of the activity of facultative and anaerobic microorganisms in the residual inflammatory periodontal diseases. So, these factors led to quantitative and qualitative disturbances in composition of short chain fatty acids (SCFA) with isomers and other estimate indicators of the saliva. Changes in these parameters of SCFA were compounded by increase in the inflammatory process intensity and correlated with clinical indicators. Against the background of therapy with the drug Stomatidin we noted the positive changes in the microbiocenosis of oral cavity, reflected in increase of number and activity of obligate microflora, reduction of the activity of facultative and residual microorganisms.

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